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Tradition with a Twist

I love the idea of taking a time-honored, traditional design and giving it a modern twist. It feels so right for our times. Indeed, my inspiration for the Parquet Table/Stool was to reinterpret parquet flooring into a new context.

Check out these parquet floors at the Stella McCartney shop in Milan. A familiar and humble material has been elevated to a strikingly graphic design element by staining portions in shades of red and green. The all white interior recedes into the background, making the floor pattern and merchandise the stars of the show. Now that’s a twist.

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Bold and Subtle Contrast

Images like this are a great example of the power of contrast in design.

The stark white modern home amongst this picturesque cobblestone street is a bold juxtaposition and makes a strong design statement. You really can’t miss it.

In front of the house on the right, the red handrail looks great against the black and white paint job. It’s a subtle but effective detail, and goes to show that a little contrast can go a long way.

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TMM Lamp Turns Fifty

TMM Floor Lamp by Miguel Mila

The TMM Floor Lamp, designed in 1961 by the great Catalan designer Miguel Mila, turns fifty this year. Produced by Santa & Cole, it is a classic of Spanish design.

A timeless example of simply elegant and functional design, it could easily have been designed today. The wood base in the shape of a cross supports a square wood shaft, which transitions into a cylinder. The drum shade is supported by chrome fittings, which rest on a rubber ring that can be adjusted up or down. The warm glow emitting from the parchment shade turns on and off by pulling on the lamp cord, and is suitable for general lighting or reading.

I was lucky enough to purchase one at a floor sample sale about ten years ago. Some of you may have seen it displayed in my showroom – now it’s in my home, for good.


The Cesta Lantern, designed in 1964, is another classic by Miguel Mila.




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