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Display Shelves Cabinet Seating
Span Desk
Float Daybed
Wine Cabinet
Recess Coffee Table
Desk Bookcase
Tone Necklaces - Dark and Light Woods
Parquet Table Stools
Terrace Coffee Table
Plane Bed With Tables

Floating in Space

Laminate Multiply Desk 3

Laminate Multiply Desk 2

Laminate Multiply Desk 1

Just installed this custom desk in a client’s home office made out of ApplePly plywood sandwiched between sheets of white laminate. At one end it attaches to the wall and the bright white laminate meeting the midnight blue wall gives the illusion of floating in space.

Character Traits

Character Walnut Bed and Night Table

A custom bed with one of a pair of matching night stands made out of “character” walnut in their San Francisco home.


Twin Night Stands

Look what just came out of our workshop.

Getting A Handle On It

Handle 1

Handle 2

Here’s a little taste of the project we’ve just completed for Greens Restaurant in San Francisco (more to follow).

Our sculpted walnut door handle and walnut paneled host stand, with JB Blunk’s “Greens” monolithic redwood sculpture and paintings by Willard Dixon (both from 1979) in the background.



A custom Plane Bed with tables basking in the afternoon sunlight at its San Francisco loft.

Preparing For Takeoff

Plane Bed Take Off

Close-up of a Plane Bed with built-in night tables in the workshop.

Full of Character

Character Walnut Headboard

A just completed bed headboard in the workshop made of “character” walnut.

Design Is A Good Idea

Design is a Good Idea

. . . and It’s Fun To Build Things

Multi-Faceted Media

Faceted Media Cabinet

Question: How do you squeeze a media cabinet that fits a big 60” TV, AV components, and a speaker into a tight corner?

Answer: Facets

Rare & Collectible

Rare Library 1

Rare Library 2

Just installed these bookcases we designed for our client’s library of collectible rarities.


Shelves Cabinet Seating 1

Shelves Cabinet Seating 2

Check out this corner reading nook/lounge area we designed for the living room of a San Francisco home. It has shelves for display; storage cabinetry with doors, drawers, and nooks for media equipment; and seating that doubles as a guest bed. Vibrant red/orange fabric and elongated door pulls made of ziricote wood add some pop to the walnut cabinetry. The walls and behind the shelves are wallpapered with metallic backed grasscloth that glows like a lantern when illuminated with LED’s.

Japanese Dream

Japan Bamboo Headboard

Our client just sent this photo of the upholstered bamboo headboard panel we designed for their ski lodge in Japan!

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