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Display Shelves Cabinet Seating
Span Desk
Float Daybed
Wine Cabinet
Recess Coffee Table
Desk Bookcase
Tone Necklaces - Dark and Light Woods
Parquet Table Stools
Terrace Coffee Table
Plane Bed With Tables

Multi-Faceted Media

Faceted Media Cabinet

Question: How do you squeeze a media cabinet that fits a big 60” TV, AV components, and a speaker into a tight corner?

Answer: Facets

Street Library Featured on Design Sponge


I’m thrilled that the street library I built for my niece out of salvaged materials is featured on the popular design blog Design Sponge! You can read the story here, including my tips for building your own street library out of salvaged materials.

Rare & Collectible

Rare Library 1

Rare Library 2

Just installed these bookcases we designed for our client’s library of collectible rarities.

Street Smart





Check out this outdoor street library I built for my nine-year-old niece. Known as “little free libraries”, their intention is to encourage literacy, discovery, community, and re-use by creating neighborhood library stations where neighbors can exchange used books.

When my niece asked me to build a library for her street, it occurred to me that re-purposing materials left over from furniture and interior design projects would be in perfect tune with the spirit of recycling and re-use.

Materials are all salvaged and include; a patio chair, wood drawers and boxes, redwood fencing, plywood, ipe wood decking, colored acrylic sheet, corrugated polycarbonate, house and spray paint.

The goal was to create a functional and weather resistant design that is interesting, unique, and playful – instilling a sense of discovery and wonder for its young users.


Shelves Cabinet Seating 1

Shelves Cabinet Seating 2

Check out this corner reading nook/lounge area we designed for the living room of a San Francisco home. It has shelves for display; storage cabinetry with doors, drawers, and nooks for media equipment; and seating that doubles as a guest bed. Vibrant red/orange fabric and elongated door pulls made of ziricote wood add some pop to the walnut cabinetry. The walls and behind the shelves are wallpapered with metallic backed grasscloth that glows like a lantern when illuminated with LED’s.

Japanese Dream

Japan Bamboo Headboard

Our client just sent this photo of the upholstered bamboo headboard panel we designed for their ski lodge in Japan!

Curvy & Stacked

Sculpted Walnut

Curvaceous boards of walnut stacked in the workshop, soon to become a three-tiered sculptural piece.

More Blonde Streaks

Walnut Sideboard

I previously posted this beauty when she was in the workshop. Here she is in her new home.

Light Buffet

Light Buffet

Check out this custom wall-mounted dining room buffet we designed and built for a home on San Francisco’s Russian Hill, with interior design by Faiella Design. The walnut cabinets have built-in wine racks, drawers for silverware, and storage for glasses and dinnerware. The silver travertine countertop serves as a display, serving and bar surface – and looks especially stunning when illuminated with LED lights.

Kid & Adult Friendly

Childrens Room Bench and Cabinet copy

Childrens Room Cabinet copy

Childrens Room Bench copy

Here are a storage cabinet and bench with drawers we recently designed for the project and play room of a family with two young children (and another on the way).

The 8’ wide cabinet has loads of storage space for toys and games. Its sliding doors are covered in laminate and have commercial grade tracks, making them extremely durable and easy to operate – in other words, kid friendly. The bench has storage drawers below and a cushion covered in contract grade fabric from Maharam.

The open room is visible from the kitchen and living room, so it was important that the design be playful, but not overly childlike. We chose laminate by Abet Laminati in a palette of mint green, light blue, graphite and white. Paired with walnut, it’s a fresh and fun look that will maintain its appeal as the children grow up.


JLD Showroom With Cherry Blossoms
Exterior shot of the Jason Lees Design Showroom, with cherry blossoms in bloom.

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